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[Closed End Dome Head Aluminium / Steel] - [gsp_fastener]
[Closed End Dome Head Aluminium / Steel] - [gsp_fastener]
[Closed End Dome Head Aluminium / Steel] - [gsp_fastener]

VSKD Spring Lock Washer Stainless Steel A2 304

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Spring Lock Washers  VSK - VSKD - VSKV - VSKZ

According to Bahn-Norm BN 208012-T6 and SN60727  

The reliable security device to prevent wide range of bolted assemblies from unscrewing and loosening.

The locking edge washers provides a effective method of securing bolted assemblies that are effected by vibration.

The advantages and features:

  • High clamping force by the special design .
  • Protection against loosening and unscrewing
  • Proven even with radially loaded bolts
  • Reusable
  • No widening on tightening and releasing
  • High unscrewing torque
  • Material Independent .
  • temperature insensitive.
  • Usable with any standart screw or nut
  • Suitable for automatic feeding
  • Minimum stress on the bearing surface
  • Dimensions based on DIN 128A and DIN 6905

Available versions:

- stainless steel A2 / A4 (NrFSt.)
- spring steel C60 with coatings like zinc flake coatings such as GEOMET or mechanically zinc plated. (other surfaces on request)


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